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Step Ups Superset

  Step Ups I do train other body parts, I promise ? Just so happens that I'm one of those weirdos who especially enjoys leg day (once I get started...) Try this superset during a leg workout: A1 Step ups: 4 x 10/leg A2 Romanian deadlifts: 4 x 10 Step ups are a unilateral exercise [...]

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Low Fat, Low Calorie

Be wary of 'reduced' or 'low fat' products. Low Fat Products Legally they must be at least 25% lower in fat, but often the actual calorie content is maintained with the addition of other ingredients. Low Calorie Products As for 'low calorie' foods, this simply means that they are lower in calories than the original [...]

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Box Squats –

Box squats are great for working those glutes and hamstrings, strengthening the posterior chain.  Although you won't generally go about sitting down with weight across your shoulders, this is a functional movement - you sit down and get back up again many times a day, right? Proper squatting form should feel like you are sitting [...]

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TED TALK – Are athletes really getting faster, better, stronger?

I really enjoyed this TED Talk - check it out.

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Olympic Lifting

Great session with Ashish Gurung at Crossfit Glasgow, learning some Olympic lifting! I'll probably be covered in bruises and scrapes for my holidays but the tan will hopefully cover them ;) The key to sticking with exercise is to find something you enjoy doing, whether it's the gym, running, crossfit, Zumba, yoga etc. I'm not [...]

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