Throwback Thursday – June 2016


This Throwback Thursday is a Snapchat from the end of June 2016. I was getting ready to compete in the UKDFBA Caledonian Classic bikini class – a qualifying competition for the British Finals.

I was so pleased with my personal progress that I was genuinely going into that show just happy to be there. There was no pressure on the day to place, and I went out on stage to just enjoy myself! I was gobsmacked to place second and get an invite to the finals. I actually didn’t enjoy the finals quite as much as the qualifiers. I felt more nervous due to the pressure I was putting on myself!

Bikini competitions were never about placing for me (although don’t get me wrong, I was well chuffed to get UK top 5!!). It was more about challenging myself and seeing what I could do with a bit of focus.

Find your happy

I alway benefit from setting specific goals for myself in both my personal and business life and bodybuilding competitions are a means of pushing myself physically and keeping me working hard at my training. Before I started gym training, I was (medically) obese and fed up with feeling unhappy about how I looked. The main this was that I willing to do something about it, for my health AND my self-esteem. As a personal trainer, I do feel a certain amount of pressure to look a certain way, but my primary motivation comes from within myself. I want to feel fit, strong and healthy for myself. A happy, confident me is a better girlfriend, friend, sister, daughter, trainer. Good news all round!

For the majority of people coming to see me about personal training, there are no aspirations to compete. They simply want to look and feel better in their own skin. And to be honest, this is something that I’m still working on myself, so I hope you believe me when I say that I understand where you’re coming from. I’m still trying to adjust to my ‘everyday body’ and building a more ‘normal’ relationship with food and training. Getting on stage in a bikini definitely does NOT a confident person make haha.

Common Ground

While we might have different starting points when it comes to fitness/strength/weight, I honestly believe that we can find common ground in a client/personal trainer relationship. People really aren’t that different from each other, and everyone ultimately wants to be happy. Happiness usually involves being content with yourself – whatever this means to you as an individual.

A lot of the time, the focus for gym training is weight loss (for women especially), but you might be surprised at the confidence, self-belief and strength you gain from it as well :)

If this sounds like something you’d like to hear more about, get in touch with me!