Frittata – Bacon, Cheese, Spinach & Buckwheat

Frittatas - Bacon, Cheese, Spinach & Buckwheat Below is a recipe for a frittata that I REALLY love to eat.  It is a great source of protein and fat and I usually cut it into 4 servings - perfect for lining up a few lunches with one batch cook. The added buckwheat increases the density [...]

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Protein Pancakes – Blueberry & Vanilla

Protein Pancakes - Blueberry & Vanilla Below is a video for a recipe for blueberry and vanilla pancakes, made with Smart-Tec's Whey FX in vanilla custard flavour (my favourite!) Blueberry & Vanilla Protein Pancakes The video gives you an idea of the consistency that you're after as you add the water - easy does [...]

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Stew – Chickpea and Red Pepper

  This stew is a one pot wonder and you can add chicken and a sweet potato mash side as you need to. The instructions below are for a single serving, but what I usually do is make a big batch to eat over a few days.  The sensible way to do it is to [...]

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Salmon & Avocado Wasabi Wrap Recipe

SALMON & AVOCADO WASABI WRAP Macros 415 kcal Protein: 17g Fat: 22g Carbs: 37g This wrap has some nice sushi flavours and has a big omega 3 hit, as well as being packed with magnesium, B vitamins and selenium. This food is great for the immune system and your skin. Ingredients ½ avocado 1-2 tsp [...]

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‘Bounty’ Protein Bars Recipe

INGREDIENTS The following measurements are a rough guide. If you find your mixture is a little bit too dry/too moist, just add milk/powder as necessary. 45g desiccated coconut (try the baking section in the supermarket) 75g protein powder (mine was vanilla flavour which worked really well) 15g cocoa powder 30-60ml coconut milk 50g dark chocolate [...]

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