Left: 7th January 2013
Right: 4th May 2013

Yup, that’s right – only 4 months! By following my nutrition and training plans to the tee, I was able to make a huge difference to my physique, as well as greatly improving my strength. And confidence!

Here are the stats:

Total Weight loss: 4.3kg
Fat loss: 8.37kg
Lean muscle mass gain: 4.07kg
Body fat lost: Almost 12%

We seem to be so focused on what we weigh, but as you can see, it’s our fat percentage that we should really be taking a look at.

I achieved my progress through strength training with next to no cardio and eating a clean diet.

I’m eating more than I’ve ever done, sleeping well and generally feeling better in every aspect of my life!

Huge thanks to William Wylie Personal Training for the amazing support and guidance.