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I am a Glasgow-based personal trainer, offering 1-2-1 gym-based sessions, nutritional advice and online coaching.

Food Tracking – It will help you achieve your weight goals

If you’re getting into the swing of things with your training, the chances are that you’ll be making more of a conscious effort to eat better. You may be tracking food tracking / keeping a food diary. If you aren’t, I’d highly recommend it! A great tool to use for food tracking is the app My Fitness Pal, and it’s free. When it comes to deciding how to approach hitting your nutrition goals, there is a three-tiered approach… […]

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Hump Day – Why the weekend matters too

Hump Day – Why the weekend matters too So. Today is what some people call hump day. A day that is over halfway through the week if you work Monday to Friday.   But what about the weekend?   When it comes to your health and fitness goals, there is ZERO point in working hard in the gym and eating healthily all week if you’re just going to undo it all at the weekend… […]

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Social Media – Viewing yourself & the world through a filter

Take three minutes to watch this:   Social media, although it can have many positive effects, can also seriously skew your view of the world. […]

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Back Stretch – Ease away tension in your lower back with this relaxing stretch

Lower Back Stretch Does your back feel tight after a day at your desk or after a heavy training session? Take a few minutes to try this gentle lower back stretch which will ease things off.   Lie on your back and bring your legs up - knees over hips and shins parallel [...]

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Throwback Thursday – June 2016

Throwback Thursday - June 2016   This Throwback Thursday is a Snapchat from the end of June 2016. I was getting ready to compete in the UKDFBA Caledonian Classic bikini class - a qualifying competition for the British Finals. I was so pleased with my personal progress that I was genuinely going into that show [...]

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Tuesday Tip – Bicep curls

Tuesday Tip - Bicep Curls Holding a dumbbell in each hand, stand tall with your core braced. Keep your elbows by your sides throughout the whole movement. Curl the dumbbells and at the top of the rep, give your biceps as hard a squeeze as you can manage before lowering the weights back down. [...]

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Kitchen Organisation – How your cupboards can help you achieve your goals

Kitchen Organisation If you have decided to get yourself to a gym or simply want to feel healthier, the chances are that you are thinking about your food as well.  Or at least you should be!  This is something that your kitchen organisation can influence. […]

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My Gym Bag Essentials

My Gym Bag Essentials Don’t let a badly organised (or non-existent!) gym bag prevent you from making a training session.  Below is a list of my gym bag essentials: […]

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Suck it up

Suck it up Starting to feel properly knackered on prep now ? Training is feeling harder but it’s still getting done – needs must! My MyPrep meals are really helping me out nutrition-wise as I don’t need to worry about making lunch or dinner. Perfect because I’m a lazy lump when knackered from prep and work ?? www.my-prep.co.uk […]

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Daily Greatness

Sunday night – time to roundup my week using my daily greatness journal! My Daily Greatness Journal is really helping me to keep focused on my goals and prompts me to take time each day to plan what I want to achieve and be grateful for what happened in a reflective way. […]

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